Get more Personal by using Wearable Tech for your CRM

How busy is your smartphone? How busy is the notification center on your device? While you take the time to look at your phone, chances are it’s also growing in physical size. With new focus on health – how many of you keep your phone a (speculated) healthy distance away from your persona?

Now let’s imagine even if you have a rich application for your CRM running on your mobile device already; how do you know something urgent needs your attention? If you are in a meeting or want to show the out most personal face-to-face customer experience you cannot afford to be fumbling around with your smartphone. Let’s not even talk about how big your phone is getting each year. Clearly there might be a problem, without even resorting to the times where taking your expensive smartphone out of your pocket is a dangerous, impractical or even illegal experience. This is exactly where wearables shine!

Why Wearables

The unobtrusive and much more discreet than a smartphone. These gems of innovation can help surface the most useful and contextual data in a timely manner to the users. They play very well in the eco system of your mobile CRM application arena and are a natural peer-partners to those Apps.

I am not alone in thinking so even Tim Cook has been quoted addressing that the home of these devices belongs on the wrist away from obstructing experiences in our daily lives. What Microsoft is going to allow us to do with HoloLens is very specific applications who’s usage needs demand it’s own article left for another time.

User Adoption

What would make your employees, you or even your customer want to wear something like this? As many of us know the Adoption not only of CRM, but mobile CRM app is essential to their value in your organization; wearables are even more in cross hairs for value and ROI, especially if they end up not being used. Focusing on job role specific, task based, value-add is where you need to be focused with your wearables Apps for CRM.

But another key aspect to Adoption is what made the smart phone a great platform to extend CRM it’s necessity in our consumer and personal lives made that device sticky. What is the magic App for wearables? Queue the health minded aspects!

Health benefits most everyone will love

The health tracking, already secure and private eco0system that exists on some of these wearables like Microsoft Band or Pebble – both cross-platform; Samsung,┬áLG and Sony have devices for Android; and Apple Watch exclusive to iOS devices. All of those devices have a flavour of health tracking at very least a pedometer, to heart rate and sleep tracking that make that device sticky! And sticky is good for adoption. And adoption is good for you!

Some scenarios where this makes sense:

  • Urgent Activity in CRM needs your attention
  • New Lead with High rating just got added and assigned to you
  • An important Support Case is about to hit it’s SLA window
  • You have a change in route and location of your next Appointment
  • Drastic change in KPI that I am monitoring needs attention
  • Executive Assistant sending an important message

The point is to serve discreet, personal and meaningful notifications from your CRM system to the users’ wrist. The phone away or on mute, in the bag or purse. The wearable is always on the persona.

Synergistic with Mobile apps

Even more so than your CRM mobile applications are today, the wearables apps need to be laser focused on the experience. Almost at task level they help a user in a particular role and job function accomplish or get notified of certain information and quickly get out of the way.

The smart-watch style wearables, majority of them, will not be able to function without a peer Smartphone and corresponding App to feed them data. This is another opportunity to revisit your Mobile App investments for you CRM. The initial step is that what ever is surfaced on the wearable can be reviewed again on the smartphone within the App itself. That is cost effective and tells a more succinct experience away from the computer. There will soon likely be more opportunities for your computers, for example Microsoft Band mentioned Windows and Mac OS X in eventual platforms.

That can mean that even if I am distracted on a task away from CRM – I can still get the most relevant or urgent information to my wrist and know where my attention needs to be diverted. Never less the bragging rights of something as simple as KPI’s micro dashboard for a management or executive level. Executive level messaging and summoning experiences for assistants. So many new opportunities ahead of us!

Next Steps

Think about your organization – are there opportunities that you can remove the phone screen from the conversation or a task, but still could use relevant information or urgent and time sensitive notifications? Comment and let us know what your ideas are!

If you are interested in some more use cases, take a look at the evolving POV Quick Bytes section here.

If you are interested in how to accomplish something like this – I invite you to take a deeper look at the Technical Architecture Article regarding Microsoft Band – a cross platform (meaning it will work with all 3 major smartphone OS’s) wearable fitness tracker and smart-watch from the new Microsoft. Read: How to get Dynamics CRM on your Microsoft Band

If you want to discuss further – please get in touch!

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