How to get Dynamics CRM on your Microsoft Band

Want to get truly personal touch with your Dynamics CRM? If smartphone app is not personal enough, how about a personal touch on the wrist?

To get a better overview of why would someone want to use Microsoft Band on their wrist for Dynamics, read this post: Get more Personal by using Wearable Tech for your CRM

Microsoft Band

I got the Microsoft Band the morning it came out. I think I heard I am still one of the lucky few to have it as it is US-only limited release for now. I immediately attempted to get my own Windows Phone apps to start using Cortana voice commands to my Band, to which she replied on my Band “This feature is not yet ready.” I contently knew something better was coming.

Microsoft Band is a cross-platform wearable that combines fitness tracking we all come to expect from heart rate to sleep monitoring, GPS tracking for runs and bike rides, all the trimmings. Combine that with personal assistant capabilities and rich notification screen that last all day? Good stuff. For new Microsoft this is beginning to be par for the course to ship cross platform products. Which is great because I want all iOS and Android users to be on board with me here for what I knew I wanted to do as soon as the SKD came out…

*drum roll*

I want to put Dynamics CRM on your wrist!

Why? Are you crazy? No. I kept quiet about this on purpose until I saw what the Microsoft Band SDK has to offer.

How is this a better Platform?

Sure I’ve seen what other CRM systems were doing with their wearables. I think those are less cross-platform, meaning those devices are tied to a specific Smartphone Manufacturer or a specific mobile operating systems. The only aspect that Band shares with them is that of course none of the wearables with exception of some Android Wear share same platform between each other. But we can’t have it all easy all the time. A Microsoft Band works with iOS, Android and Windows Phone. We will get into other wearable devices including Microsoft HoloLens another time.

Some scenarios where this makes sense:

  • Urgent Activity in CRM needs your attention
  • New Lead with High rating just got added and assigned to you
  • An important Support Case is about to hit it’s SLA window
  • You have a change in route and location of your next Appointment
  • KPI Micro-Dashboards and KPI change Alerting
  • Executive Assistant Messaging

The point is to serve discreet and personal notifications from your system to the users wrist. The phone away or on mute, in the bag or purse. The Band is always on the wrist.

How does this work?

What Microsoft Band will do is surface a custom notification area for you to show to the user. Today in the Preview of the SDK the Band will allow a native phone app via SDK add a Custom Tile to the paired Microsoft Band.

There is very light feedback from the Notification back to the Phone app today.

How would an architecture look like?

System Architecture at the high level that you will need for this behavior can be seen here:
“Microsoft Band to Dynamics CRM Architecture Overview”

Microsoft Band to Dynamics CRM Architecture Overview by Nikita Polyakov

A number of things have to be in place architecturally for you to embark on this journey:

  • In Future Post I will describe the MBaaS – Mobile Back-end as a Service and why it is important
  • In Future Post I will describe the Push Notification from MBaaS to your Custom Native CRM App
  • In Future Post I will describe sending Band Notifications from your App’s Background Processes

Future for the Band and this concept

I am certain that Microsoft will slowly evolve, as it always has, the SDK to allow more and more interactivity within these 3rd party apps. As this SDK Preview shipped same time that the Band got Reply commands and Keyboard support more and more interaction will be possible in future.

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